2021 Medical Debt Relief Campaign

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Calling the ENTIRE Illinois Conference!

We have an exciting challenge that we can only possibly achieve if we work together.  After all, we are STRONGER TOGETHER.

We have a challenge set to relieve $10M of medical debt that is burdening our neighbors right here in Illinois.  If we can raise $100,000 by December 10th, we have the opportunity to purchase debt through RIP Medical Debt  in partnership with the national setting of the UCC.  This amount of money can relieve $10,000,000 of debt off the backs of our neighbors most in need.  There is no better way to express our faith in practice!

I invite you each to give what you can – but better yet, motivate your congregation to give!  If your congregation could raise $10,000 – that would be $1M of debt!  If your missions committee could allocate $1,000 – that would be $100,000!  If your Sunday School class could scrape together $100 – that would be $10,000 that another family will be freed from. Every $1 raised = $100 in medical debt erased! A little can go a long way!

We will accept donations from both individuals and churches, but highly encourage EACH of our 200+ churches to raise funds in your congregation and to send in a donation to the Conference from your church. If each of our churches donated to this campaign it would take less than $500 per church for us to reach our goal of $100,000 to erase $10 million in medical debt!

The United Church of Christ is committed to creating a just world for all – and how better to put this concept into practice than to lift the burden of medical debt, especially during this season of pandemic.

A great way to give THANKS.  A great way to celebrate the HOLIDAYS.  A great way to live out our FAITH.

Ways to Donate:

  1. Donate Online Here – Place your donation amount in the Special Offering category marked “Medical Debt Relief.” If you are donating as an individual and would like your church to receive credit for your donation, please note the Church Name and City in the field labeled “Please Credit Donation to this Church” underneath your name and address.
  2. Send a check to the Conference office using this special Medical Debt Relief Remittance Form. [Please do not send payments to the Byline Bank lock-box.]

Bulletin Inserts:

Campaign Invitation/Information: Word or PDF

The Burden of Medical Debt: Word or PDF


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