Tuthill Commission

The Tuthill Commission was created by the Illinois Conference to assist in the administration of the Tuthill Trust. The Commission is responsible for reviewing applications, requesting grants to be used for purposes that comply with the conference’s general guidelines. Grants, recommended by the committee, will then be shared with the greater conference council for final approval.

Dr. Wilbert O. Watkins, Chairperson
Rev. Dr. Terrill Murff, Conference Staff Liaison


Tuthill Guidelines for Grant Considerations

The Tuthill Commission was formed by the Illinois Conference Council to oversee the Tuthill Trust and report any grant application requests to the Council with recommendations for action. The Commission follows guidelines set by the Council in 1989 for the administration of the trust:

  • Grants must comply with the donor’s wish that the bequest be used for “foreign missionary purposes”;
  • Grants may not exceed $10,000 per year or continue for more than three years;
  • Grants must be made to UCC-related projects or to projects endorsed by ecumenical partner denominations;
  • Eligible projects/programs include those focused on the teaching and proclamation of the Christian faith, education, health care, emergency disaster relief, and community and leadership development.

In addition to grants, the Illinois Conference may use Tuthill income to cover the expenses of delegations visiting Tuthill-funded projects/programs to strengthen the partnership between the Conference and the organizers of such undertakings, as well as management and administrative fees. The Commission has also sought advisory services from organizations like Global Ministries.


Click here to download the application. Once you have completed your application, email it to Wilbert O. Watkins.