The Stewardship Committee of the Illinois Conference offers assistance and resources to Local Congregations in the area of Stewardship Ministry:

  • Providing training and assistance in using “Consecrating Stewards,” Stewardship Principles, every member canvass and other Stewardship methods and strategies;
  • Informing, educating and building awareness about mission and ministry made possible through Our Church’s Wider Mission;
  • Helping to strengthen covenantal relationships between the Local Church and the Illinois Conference;
  • Providing speaker, visiting/guest Stewards for Stewardship Campaigns, Mission Moments, etc;
  • Helping to interpret the Wider Mission of the Church and Strengthening Local Church relationships with Global Mission.
    Helping make missionaries available to Local Congregations, Stewardship and Mission Committees.

The Stewardship Team provides one annual Conference-wide event for local congregational leaders in areas such as:

  • Our Church’s Wider Mission: Reaching Out Here and Beyond
  • The Stewardship Adventure
  • The Stewardship of the Human Body
  • Other events jointly sponsored with the Stewardship and Church

Mentoring by the Stewards Team

Local congregations are invited to identify Congregational Stewards to become part of the Stewardship Team and be mentored and trained to promote stewardship at the local setting.

Other Areas of Service to the Local Church

Consulting Stewards are available to assist local churches and provide training to congregations:

  • Spiritual gifts ministries
  • Wills and deferred giving
  • Tissue, fluid and organ donation
  • Consecrating Stewardship Program
  • Others

Other gatherings at conference and association level to network, share and growth in stewardship and mission development.

Stewardship Committee Co-Chairs:
Larry McCure and Kay Quinney-Burnard

Questions? Click here to email Larry and Kay.