Conference Staff

The Illinois Conference is blessed to have dedicated staff serving, guiding and walking with our congregations and alternative ministry settings. There is a distinct commitment to partnership with clergy and lay leadership, and a desire to celebrate our diversity in the midst of finding strength in our oneness.

Currently, the Illinois Conference is staffing one office and two camps. Our Ministry Leadership Team, which includes our Conference Minister and Associate Conference Ministers, are working remotely and can be contacted via the phone numbers or emails listed below.

Please note: Conference e-mail addresses are embedded to protect us from spam.  To e-mail conference staff, just click on their name.

Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ
1840 Westchester Blvd, Suite 200
Westchester, IL 60154
Phone (708) 344-4470  Fax (708) 344-4564

Conference Minister, Rev. Molly Carlson
Molly’s Cell Phone (708) 701-0451

Manager of Finances, Keith Clark-Hoyos

Support Staff for Administrative Assistance, Naomi Else  and Rev. Kim Whisler-Vasko

Support Staff for Operations, Lynn Chindlund

Support Staff for Communications and Technology, Rev. Sarah Lohrbach
(Conference E-Blast , Website and Social Media Support


Chicago Metropolitan Association
Associate Conference MinisterRev. Dr. Terrill Murff
Terrill’s Cell Phone (708) 701-4325

Conference Support Staff, Naomi Else


Eastern Association
Acting Associate Conference MinisterRev. Kimberly Wood
(Eastern Association and Fox Valley Association )

Conference Support Staff, Naomi Else


Fox Valley Association
Acting Associate Conference Minister, the Rev. Kimberly Wood
(Fox Valley Associations and Eastern Association)

Kim’s Cell Phone (701) 701-4933

Conference Support Staff, Naomi Else


Prairie Association
Associate Conference MinisterRev. Kathy Lawes
(Prairie Association and Western Associations)  

Kathy’s Cell Phone (708) 701-4962

Conference Support Staff, Julie Grendahl


Western Association
Associate Conference Minister, Rev. Kathy Lawes
(Western Association and Prairie Association) 

Conference Support StaffJulie Grendahl


Thriving Pastors in Revitalizing Congregations (TPIRC)
Phone: (312) 971-7202

Project Director, Rev. Michelle Hughes

Coaching Coordinator, Rev. Dr. Kent Poindexter

Administrative Assistant, Kathy Brown


Pilgrim Park Camp
26449 1340 N Ave.
Princeton, IL 61356-8790
Phone (815) 447-2390 Fax (815) 447-2205

Site DirectorMitch Kloster

Assistant Site Director/ Resident NaturalistMatt Martinkus

Conference Support StaffTara Cade


Tower Hill Camp
12173 Tower Hill Rd.
Sawyer, MI 49125
Phone (269) 426-3881 Fax (269) 426-8255

Site Director, Rev. Tracy Heilman

Conference Support Staff, Jeri Edelberg


Illinois Conference Placement Office
Conference Search and Call Specialist