Angola Mission and Partnership

Members of the Angola Partnership Team know from first-hand experience that our partner denomination in Angola, IECA, is amazing. In the midst of difficult circumstances, they give hope and support to about 1.5 million members. They are very actively involved in bringing people to deep Christian faith and in “social mission” (education, health care, nutrition). We are grateful for our ongoing, active partnership, founded in 2004.

If you would like someone from the Conference Angola Partnership Team to come and speak with a committee or other group from your church (or other organization for that matter) just let us know. Please contact the Partnership Chair, Lisa Mitchell, from First Congregational in Naperville – email

Our hymnal fundraising project is well underway, and as of March, we are roughly 1/2 way to our goal of $105,000. See for much more information and a short video about the project. In short, help our partners sing and learn with your gifts!  You can donate now through the “Donate Now” tab at the top of this page.

Also, we are currently inviting all pastors/clergy of the Illinois Conference to join in a spiritual journey and partnership building trip to Angola in August of 2019. See here for all the information, or contact Mike Solberg at

General background:

In the summer of 2004, the Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ initiated a partnership with the Evangelical Congregational Church in Angola with the encouragement and assistance of Global Ministries Team of the United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The Illinois Conference/Angola Partnership Team is responsible to continue working on developing this partnership.

Angola Partnership Team

Rev. Cangovi

Rev. Dr. Edward Smith Davis

Ms. Donna Dudley

Ms. Doris Davis Hunter

Dr. Betty James

Ms. Kim Lewis

Ms. Lauire McMahon

Ms. Jen and Mr. Anders Melberg

Ms. Lisa Mitchell

Ms. Louisa Mitchell

Coutimho Moma

Ms. Beverly Porzelt

Ms. Nancy T. Reed

Mr. Luis Samacumbi

Ms. Christy Schaeter

Ms. Janine Solberg

Rev. Mike Solberg

Rev. Grant Speece

Mr. Gene Wollaston

Mr. Ernie Wright

Convener,  Rev. Dr. Edward Davis

Co-Secretaries, Ms. Beverly Porzelt and Ms. Kim Lewis

Conference Staff Consultant, Rev. Dr. Terrill Murff