Partners in Education

This committee provides support for those in Christian Education, affirms individual gifts and advocates for educational ministry and those who engage in it.

Committed to the Teaching Ministries of the Church

In an effort to best communicate to those who are committed to education in your churches, we ask each church to provide us with the name and contact information for CE Directors, RE Directors, and Youth Ministry Directors.  Click here to submit your church’s information to the IL Conference.

Partners In Education:

  • are persons who, like you, are committed to the teaching ministries of the church
  • is a nation-wide volunteer organization of the United Church of Christ
  • members represent excellence in diverse setting educational settings
  • are trained in serving congregations as educational consultants
  • are available to help local congregations with ministries of education
  • desire to help local educators understand different concepts currently shaping educational ministries –
  • Multiple Intelligence Curriculum
  • Critical Pedagogy
  • Workshop Rotation
  • Intergenerational Sunday School
  • Whole Church Education
  • Child-Friendly Worship
  • Safe-Place Standards
  • shares knowledge about curriculum resources used by UCC congregations
  • is familiar with resources produced by United Church Press and Pilgrim Press
  • is informed about UCC participation in developing resources such as Sunday School and Vacation Bible School Material
  • Seasons of the Spirit
  • Bible Quest
  • Present Word
  • Hero Quest
  • wants to work with your congregation in planning teacher training selecting resources
  • developing new strategies for educational ministries
  • improving your Sunday School
  • evaluating your youth ministry
  • understanding faith throughout the life span

Partners in Education Team

Chicago Metropolitan Representatives
Ms. Ronda Bower

Eastern Association Representatives
Rev. Carol Currier-Frighetto

Fox Valley Representatives
Ms. Martha Selby
Mr. Bob Selby

Prairie Association Representative

Western Association Representative
Ms. Judie Foust

AdHoc Member
Rev. Beth Wagner

Conference Staff Consultant
Rev. Kimberly Wood