Outdoor Ministries

Chair, Mr. Larry McCure

Vice-Chair, Rev. Peggy Johnson

Chicago Metropolitan Association Representatives

2016 – Ms. Becky Kirsh
2016 – Mr. Dennis Kirscher
2017 – Ms. Elizabeth Hartung-Ciccolini
2017 – Ms. Janice Spraggins
2018 – Rev. Gayle Tucker
2018 – Rev. Chuck Mize

Eastern Association Representatives

2016 – Rev. Peggy Johnson
2017 – Ms. Melissa Grahonya
2018 – Mr. Gary Dahn

Fox Valley Association Representatives

2016 – Ms. Belinda Gross
2017 – Rev. Kendra Joyner-Miller
2018 – Mr. Brett Johnson

Prairie Association Representatives

2016 – Mr. Jim Brown
2017 – Vacant
2018 – Vacant

Western Association Representatives

2016 – Mr. Jared Miller
2017 – Rev. Jerry Tupper
2018 – Mr. Dick Cridlebaugh

At Large Representatives

2016 – Ms. Terri Kelly (PA)
2017 – Rev. Joe Ann Watson (CMA)
201 – Rev. Sarah Lohrbach (CMA)
Conference Personnel Committee Representative

2 Vacancies

Conference Council Representative

Mr. Larry McCure

Conference Staff Consulting

Mr. Mitch Kloster and Ms. Tara Cade, Pilgrim Park Camp

Ms. Kim Bosse, Tower Hill Camp

Rev. Jorge Morales, Conference Minister

The Illinois Conference of the United Church of Christ is blessed to have two outdoor ministry sites: Pilgrim Park Camp and Tower Hill Camp. Both Tower Hill and Pilgrim Park are open throughout the year in order to serve the needs of individuals, families, and churches of the both the Illinois Conference and the areas surrounding each camp.

Please contact these committee members if you have any comments or suggestions about IL Conference Outdoor Ministries.