Finance, Administration and Business Committee

This committee is responsible for development of the conference budget and functions as a sub-committee working on behalf of the Executive Committee (which is officially the budget committee, in accordance with the IL Conference Bylaws, V5c).

Chairperson – Rev. Dave Bateman
Vice-Chairperson – Vacant
Conference Treasurer – Mr. Len Adell
Conference PresidentMr. Mike Linder
Past Conference President – Vacant
Conference Controller – Mr. William Serritella
Personnel Chair – Rev. Tom Ewing
Property Committee – Rev. Malcolm Griffith
Investment Committee – Mr. Merrill Rajeck
Outdoor Ministries – Mr. Gary Dahn
Income Growth – Rev. Joe Mills
Stewardship – Mr. Larry McCure
Chicago Metropolitan Association Representatives – Rev. Terrill Murff
Eastern Association Representative – Mr. Ernest Potter
Fox Valley Association Representative – Rev. Peter McQueen
Prairie Association Representative – Ms. Janice Blickhan
Western Association Representative – Mr. Len Adell

Conference Staff Consulting

Acting Conference Minister – Rev. Char Burch
Acting Interim Associate Conference Minister – Rev. Dr. David Russell

Investment Sub-Committee Members

Mr. Merrill Rajeck
Mr. Wilfred Bently

Conference Staff Consulting

Conference Controller – Mr. William Serritella
Acting Conference Minister – Rev. Char Burch