Conference Council

The Illinois Conference Council is responsible to conduct the affairs of the Illinois Conference, as would a Board of Directors for any company.

President – Mr. David Holston

Vice President – Rev. Jon Prain

Secretary – Rev. Bill Riegle

Treasurer – Mr. Ernest G. Potter, CPA

Personnel – Rev. Carol Currier-Frighetto

Finance, Admin & Business – Rev. Dave Bateman

Outdoor Ministries – Mr. Brett Johnson

Annual Celebration Planning Comm.  – Rev. Jana Chwalisz

Conference Minister – Rev. Molly Carlson


Chicago Metropolitan Association Representatives

Moderator  2021- Rev. Regina Glenn Caldwell
Vice Moderator 2021 – Mr. Jon Gilbert Martinez
2021 – (Youth) Ms. Mia Booth
2022 – Rev. Charlene Hill
2021 – Rev. Gloria Cox
2022- Rev. Michael Jones
2022 – (Youth) Mr. Marvin Slaughter

Eastern Association Representatives

Moderator 2022 – Rev. Dr. Carol Lange
Vice Moderator 2022 – Rev. Barbara Lohrbach
2022 – Ms. Kay Quinney-Burnard

Fox Valley Association Representatives

Moderator 2021 – Ms. Robin Thomas
Vice Moderator 2021 – Rev. Jana Chwalisz
2022 – Ms. Hannah Sundwall
2020 – (Youth) Vacant

Prairie Association Representatives

Moderator 2021 – Rev. Charlene Hinckley
Vice Moderator 2021 – Vacant
2022 – Ms. Becky Erbe
2022 – (Youth) Mr. Daryn Ferierra

Western Association Representatives

Moderator 2021 – Mr. Jeffrey Newcomb
Vice Moderator 2022 – Rev. Santina Poor
2021 – Mark Binder
2020 – (Youth) Vacant

Conference Committee Representatives

Mission Support (2022) – Rev. Kris Hewitt
Justice Witness (2022) – Rev. Hank Fairman
Nominating (2021) – Rev. Eric Quinney-Burnard
LEEAP (2022) – Rev. Jason Coulter

Co-Opted Members (Voice without vote)

Community Renewal Society – Rev. Waltrina Middleton
Illinois Conference of Churches – Rev. Marilyn Pagán-Banks
Illinois Conference Disaster Coordinator – Rev. Roger Dart
LGBT Liaison – Vacant

Conference Ministry Leadership Team (Voice without vote)

Associate Conference Minister – Rev. Dr. Terrill Murff, CMA
Associate Conference Minister – Rev. Kathy Lawes, Prairie and Western Associations
Acting Associate Conference Minister – Rev. Kim Wood, Eastern and Fox Valley Associations
Associate Conference Minister for Vitality, Transformation, and Sustainability – Rev. Michelle Hughes
(Project Director, Thriving Pastors in Revitalizing Congregations)
Manager of Financial Operations – vacant