Annual Celebration Planning Committee

This committee arranges the Conference Annual Meeting program, selects the themes and arranges for workshops, worships, displays, childcare, youth components, etc.


Rev. Jana Chwalisz

Chicago Metropolitan Association Representatives

2019 – Ms. Pamela Stallings
2019 – Vacant
2020 – Ms. Bertha Condra
2020 – Rev. Roger Dart

Eastern Association Representatives

2020 – Rev. Leah Robberts-Mosser
AdHoc – Rev. Joe Ann Watson

Fox Valley Representatives

2019 – Mr. Jim Molina
2020 – Ms. Sheryl Magee

Prairie Association Representatives

2019 – Vacant
2020 – Rev. Charlene Hinckley

Western Association Representatives

2019 – Rev. Laurie Hill
2020 – Ms. Dianne Sherman

Conference Staff Consulting

Rev. Justo González II
Rev. Kim Wood
Ms. Naomi Else

Conference Council Representative

Rev. Chuck Maney (Ex-Officio)

Youth Liaison